Thai 1 Cuisine

Thai cuisine, is by no means “fast food”. Order a drink, peruse our vast menu and relax.

Whilst we are by no means “slow” at serving you, please appreciate all our dishes are prepared and cooked to order, using the freshest of genuine Thai ingredients.

At Thai 1 Colchester we are proud to serve only truly authentic Thai cuisine.

  •  A traditional Thai meal should be a balance of four flavours: spicy, sweet, sharp and savoury. Whilst Thai’s do eat very hot and spicy, not all dishes are this way.
  • Did you know, Thai’s do not generally use chopsticks? A fork and spoon will be used, many times meals are eaten only with the hands, rice being scooped and dipped in sauces.
  • In Thailand, meals are not served as seperate courses. All courses are presented together, with friends and family sharing from serving dishes onto individual plates.

Thai 1 Colchester, as authentic as we are, do supply knives, forks and spoons and unless you ask us, your main courses will be served after your starters.

Check out our tasty dessert menu. Relax and enjoy a tea or coffee to finish your evening. We look forward to serving you (again) soon!